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May 21, 2013
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To Praise Life: 5

Tue May 21, 2013, 5:53 AM

Welcome to To Praise Life! This article series will be a newsletter/feature for those who have participated in my project, as well as a place to find some inspiration. 

It would be much appreciated if you help spread the word! (:+fav: & Comment!) 

Contribute to the Project or Donate

I am hoping to reach at least 300 inspiring messages from the community if I can. 

At the end of this year, 2013, 10 calenders and 16 three month PMs will be given away to inspired deviants.(that means random/anyone. :dummy:)

The calenders to remind you of how special every day is, and PMs because sadly the notebooks are no longer available. 
However, the points cost of this project's completion is around: 30,176 points.

Current Balance:  2,014 Points

Inspiring words from contributors

 ~Cirprius "I agree. Life is amazing, and an adventure through its ups and downs. Being born, is the best thing that ever happened to me"
One Year DA Anniversary Compilation by CirpriusFunctional Artifacts by CirpriusRed XIII by Cirprius

*kinzerkinz "Heart here! Here! Heart

~Quezecotyl "Yes! Even though I can be seen as overly optimistic, there are those days when I can't even smile. But I agree, we just have to remember in those moments that without moments of despair there, moments of happiness and joy wouldn't really exist. And that those rainy days won't be forever. Live to make more and more great and nostalgic memories. Besides, laughing is so much fun! I love life and I hope for many years ahead. Boogie!"
When Will It Be Spring? by QuezecotylDay 29 by QuezecotylDay 23 by Quezecotyl

=Rawliett "I absolutely love this! dA and the world could use more positiveness to fight against the negative. I personally love and cherish ever second of life I have because I never know when it's going to end. Life if beautiful, even the hardships we face day to day.

The fleeting time is cruel; it is so easy to get left behind in the dark. Yet, it is such a wonderful thing because when you cannot find the light…it continues on to give you time and opportunities to find it. Though most people don't realize this or aren't sure of how to catch up. Not to mention (in the theme of keeping up with things), we must learn to pace ourselves in the present for it has not yet finished teaching us what we will need to know for the obstacles that lie in the path ahead. Those obstacles try to break us down but we can overcome them and become even stronger. Life is all about faith and courage. Humans need to know how to believe in something they cannot see to give them something to live for and these things we find faith in are often times very positive things.

Also, so many people think that you need to be strong to be "one of the best" and always happy. However, it is not brute strength that gets anybody anywhere. It's the courage in our hearts that gives us an unstoppable force that allows us to be everything we hold inside.

Life passes by in the blink of an eye. Every now and again it seems to move in slow motion, though in reality it's moving at the speed of light. Take hold of what you have today and enjoy everything about it, for you never can be certain what tomorrow will greet you with. It can either be positive or negative, for each day is what YOU decide.

Thank you Heart
Sadly, all their deviations are in storage. :c 

*twicehalf "Simone de Beauvoir: 'In fact, even when he claims that it is not so, no man wishes himself other than he is, since for all living persons being means making oneself be.'

And again: 'The secret of happiness is to live like everyone else while being like no other.'" 
deviantANXIETY, A Case StudyYou've joined to become a great artist, or to show the world that you're a great artist. You've joined to ogle all things kawaii. You've joined to dominate the forums or the chatrooms or both. But above all, you've joined to become a llama baron: you've got your heart set on a golden llama badge and nothing's gonna stand in your way.
You've added a couple of people whose art you're interested in to your deviantWATCH. Or perhaps you added them because you thought they were cute, or you liked their avatars, or they offered you some advice, or because they helped to allay the awkwardness you felt on joining such a large community by issuing you with a carefully crafted generic greetings message along the lines of (if not actually) 'Welcome to deviantART!'
The message is so carefully crafted, you suspect that the person who's greeted you like this has greeted ten thousand other people today with the same message. But you're not stupid - you know how important it is to make pe
Sheffield Town Hall by farand:thumb334413109:

=Riemea "Live is a valuable thing. Not everyone is allowed to live their life the way they want, spending it with doing things they love. Not everyone has the opportunity, not everyone can afford it. We should keep that in mind, and cherish every day, because no matter how you live your life, it will end one day for sure. Whether that's tomorrow or in 50 years is not something we can foresee. But we can try to just live to the best of our ability so that when the time comes, we can proudly say: "I regret nothing."
Origin by RiemeaReid Portrait 3 by RiemeaSimone - Black and White by Riemea


Latest Donators

Thank you so much! Love 
:new: 1 deviation featured for every 10 points! :eyes: 
Do you like that system? 

Sibling Bath by savagebinnThere's Plenty For Everyone by savagebinn

The Reblooming Process by Child-of-MinervaIn Hopes Of Coming Alive Again by Child-of-Minerva
Firebreather by Child-of-MinervaThe Fly of Dragons by Child-of-Minerva
Distant Land by Child-of-Minerva[Insert Wave Sound Effect Here] by Child-of-Minerva
Drops of Spring by Child-of-MinervaUnity In a Wave by Child-of-Minerva
Welcome by Child-of-MinervaFalling Water by Child-of-Minerva
Can I Go Outside Please? by Child-of-MinervaSpring Has Sprung by Child-of-Minerva
Yellow Branches by Child-of-MinervaGolden Twigs by Child-of-Minerva
Tumbling Blue Waters by Child-of-MinervaHidden Light by Child-of-Minerva
Streaming Down River by Child-of-MinervaMoraine Lake by Child-of-Minerva

If I missed you, you can remind me with a note!
I'd also like to shout out to #CRCommunityProjects for accepting my project into their gallery!


A collection of inspiring artwork.
Theme: Food.
Food should not be taken for granted. 
Lemonade love by Itti
cupcake by carolinesphotos  Crostata cioccolato, pera e rhum by GabriellaScioni
blue by FrauDoku
Raspberry Ice Cream by VintageWarmth Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies by maytel 
Tarte aux poires by macaron9

Chocolate Brownies by chompsoflife

Ladyfingers Cake by dabbisch

Raspberrys III by Tracys-Place

Cupcake II by Tracys-Place

christmas cookies by cloe-patra

Lemon Roll Cake w/ Berries and Whipped Cream by asainemuri

Tea Time by Jules1983

cinnamon sugar cookies by artahh

Cuori con panna al cacao by GabriellaScioni

sweet life by Orwald Day 7 The wonderful things of berrys by Silvermoonswan 

Strawberry by xOronar

Tartelette creme Patissiere et Framboise by ClaraLG

aroma by hayzy

Day 7 by cloduy

Chocolate Hazelnut Bar by asthetiq

Chocolate Peanut Butter Mousse Cake by asthetiq

Big Breakfast by meL-xiNyi

Mee Siam by meL-xiNyi

10 a.m. by Muffinka013

Wise Words: 

Quotable quotes that you might want to apply to your life.

 It is never too late to be what you might have been.”

George Eliot
Think about that for a second! That's very inspiring and carries a wonderful message. 
Do not give up, and try your best always! You can achieve your dreams if you start right now!
    I'll tell you a little story. My father wanted to play guitar when he was younger but never got the chance. He bought one two years ago, and he's come so far! Even though he started late, he's really good and it's something he loves. 


  • Provide a theme! What makes you praise life? 
  • Contribute and get featured by writing inspiring words for the community here
Have a wonderful May! Love 

Please consider giving this a :+fav: so it can reach more deviants!
Project Article for The Praising Life Project.
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aquajojo02 Featured By Owner Jul 1, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
WOW!! I will definitely give this a fav. for I am doing it for something good. Although the food made me extremely hungry!
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Thank you so much for the feature!
I've worked so hard to get where I am now.
Even though at the moment, I'm going thru rough patches.. it's nice to see my work getting noticed.
Thank you for the acknowledgment and support.
Astrikos Featured By Owner May 27, 2013   General Artist
my pleasure!
carolinesphotos Featured By Owner May 24, 2013
thank you so much for adding my litle cupcake :) great page
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