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PE Interview with ^RockstarVanity

Thu Jan 24, 2013, 5:48 AM

Project Educate Interview with RockstarVanity

Tanya,  Thank you for participating!

:bulletblue:Tell us a bit about yourself!

My  name is Tanya, I'm an artist with a camera and I run on caffeine. My  inside leg measurement is over half my height, I have 15 piercings and I  was born on the Winter Solstice.

Magician Witch by RockstarVanity

:bulletblue: How did you find deviantART?

I don't entirely remember. It was a long time ago! I think I saw a link on another website.
The Pursuit of Truth and Beauty by RockstarVanity

:bulletblue: What inspired your username?

I wish there was a deep and meaningful story here, but there isn't. I just liked how the two words looked and sounded together.

:bulletblue: How does deviantART stand out for you?

It  really is unique in terms of art websites. I love that artists of all  skill levels are welcome here and I've never found a community like this  anywhere else online. As well as being a place to share and enjoy art,  it's an amazing place to make friends.

:bulletblue: What do you aim to do in the deviantART community?

Pretty  much just what I'm doing already...lots of promoting other people's  work (as a CV), providing information (through tutorials, journals, #communityrelations and #fella) and generally having fun.
Celebrating Diversity #13In this issue of Celebrating Diversity, I would like to remind you of an amazing feeling...when you see a piece of art created in a medium or genre that you have little or no experience of working in, and it feels like you're witnessing something magical, something beyond your comprehension.
It's wonderful to revel in the joy of How do they do that? and find inspiration in the creations of other artists. So I challenge you to take a step outside of the galleries that you regularly browse and immerse yourself in the experience of indulging in something new.

How do you celebrate diversity?
:bulletpink: Do you regularly browse, comment on and collect art that's wildly different from what you create?
:bulletpink: Do you watch artists who use mediums that you don't use in your own
Darkroom DDs: December 2012These beautiful darkroom photographs were featured as Daily Deviations in December 2012.
          Chemgram by rockershay Air Show collection by WaterStreetNorth I Am What You Think I Am (Ver2) by ippiki-wolf Fishing Boat by JacqChristiaan Self Portrait - Variation by serdarb Power by nutsapple Winter Solstice by Sun-Seeker Zamanin Izi by oguzhanerdogan Kind of crowdy by SauleaPhotography 13th Beach Storm by DanielleMiner 13. 2. 2009 by j-nny Shuttle Endeavour East of The Forum by exopix :thumb344541677:

:bulletblue: What inspires your work?

Anything  and everything! Sometimes ideas for photos come from films or music I  enjoy, sometimes I wake up from a really interesting dream and want to  capture that imagery...a lot of the time I'm inspired by the people  around me who I like to point my camera at.

Never Let Me Go by RockstarVanity Spirit by RockstarVanity

:bulletblue: What is your main genre(s)?

Horror  and conceptual photography, expressive portraiture...lots of other  stuff too. I don't really have a main genre. I just go with whatever  takes my fancy at any given time. Sometimes I go through phases where I  shoot a lot of one kind of thing, then something else will come along  and inspire me so I'll work with that for a while.
Waking Up by RockstarVanity

:bulletblue: What is unique about the medium(s)s?

I  love how photography captures something in a fraction of a second.  Often, when when a concept for a shoot is totally planned out and hours  of preparation have gone into styling, make-up, lighting, set creation  etc there will something random that happens in the 160th of a second  while the shutter is open that takes a picture to the next level and  expresses something really special and unexpected.

:bulletblue: What kinds of things are reflected in your style?

I  don't know. I don't even know that I have a style! It's something I  think other people see in your work that you don't necessarily notice  yourself.

:bulletblue: Any difficulties regarding your art?

Not  really, apart from people mistakenly assuming that anyone who creates  horror art is a violent psychopath. Which I'm not in the slightest. I'm a  very friendly, calm person who just likes playing with effects make-up.  

:bulletblue: What is your future as an artist?

I  ran a photography business for years, not only shooting but also  teaching individuals and classes, and managing a studio which I hired  out to other photographers. I loved it but unfortunately my health made  it impossible to continue with it (I have M.E.). At the moment, I'm just  enjoying creating art for the love of it rather than for money. I feel  like I'm falling in love with photography all over again, which is just  fantastic!
Kitty Being Awesome by RockstarVanity

:bulletblue: What words of advice do you have for others?

If  you want to make money from your art, you have to be business-minded to  make it work. Being excellent at what you create isn't enough.
Deep Freeze by RockstarVanitySpectral Rush by RockstarVanityPeaceful Anarchy by RockstarVanity

:bulletblue: Anything more you'd like to add?

Whatever  you do artistically, savour the experience and enjoy the fact that  you're creating something amazing and sharing a part of yourself with  the world!

 Tanya is the Community Volunteer of Dark Room.
She is an Admin of many groups on dA:
:iconitdoesnothaveme: :icondeath-chicks: :iconfrightclub: :icondeviant-beauties: :iconfella: :icondeath-guys: :iconvanitytheory: :iconzivityartists: :icontutorialsforyou: :icontutorial-city: :iconcommunityrelations: :iconpeopleandportraits: :iconprojecteducate: :iconarthistoryproject:


`Infinite-Heart for #projecteducate interview with the awesome ^RockstarVanity
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