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Happy Birthday to DeviantART! I'd like to say thank you to all those who have impacted my experience here.

All seniors and staff members, thank you!
:+fav: If you support senior members!

A-Z and in between here, my friends is a feature for all of these wonderful individuals.

There must be some one missing here. I know there is a few people, but just comment and i will add. They might be somewhere else in the senior list as well

:icondaseniors: :iconthe-senior-stache:

I scrolled up and down seniorlist's journals, so here we are:

:dev-x-: A wonderful member for 12 years!
XX The Sky is Falling XX by X A Artists True PowerTake some time, and visit inside your mind
vision of passions and drama swirling and colliding,
just what is it that is inside yours? Do you take time to observe?
Or do you just go on doing what you do not completely feeling the reasons for your reasoning?
Being in control of ones mind allows the creativity inside to truly shine,
setting aside all else and expelling the feelings within yourself through your communicative method..
Be that music, design, artistic impressions or a simple poetic reflection of a situation,
as long as it hits true to another mind which witnesses it's communication, then you have created a connection better then anything in this world. It's artistic communication, something which exists in this world which is a pure true expression, not corporate suggestive selling, or marketing targeting in on your mind to capture you attention and to plant it's message inside. Let all refect upon this thought for a second and.. pause and truly digest it.. True artists don't

-willow- 12 year member!
(has no deviations yet)

mikepav 9year member with a nice gallery.
apples on park table by mikepav the trains by mikepav

javierocasio 9year member, runs three wonderful groups, designs and interfaces.
Galaxy NGC 3190 by javierocasio Gran Plateau by javierocasio:

12memories 8 year member, runs two groups,
The Seasonal Disease by 12memories Someone"Someone" - December 2010
We sat in sun on that day
I was very far away
You'd break the silence just because
- But I didn't answer how I was
I swear one day my heart would stop;
never again pump a heartbeat wrinkled in blood,
my gut, nestled in butterfly filth and love
No words came out my mouth.
I can't stand the thought of you with someone else;
I can't stand the thought of you all alone...
I can't believe an angel would lay their body so close to mine
I remember that moment you surely forget:
My head had rest on golden light
You did not care how close we were that night
I didn't care, it was uncomfortably right
Silver slipped slowly from screens showing all of us were outlined by light
Was it horror, action or science fiction?
I only recall laying on golden light
I will hold you
- I will hold you again
We sat in silence on that day
I was very far away

:dev1articfox: 6year member, photograhpy/varied gallery.

2mo 10 years, literature gallery.
Killing timethe river, dances
rolls down
our road
without a sound
fading all our footprints
a microwave wind
fleeing past
like a thief
thunder; crumbling,
above our heads
it illuminates our sins
outside of our
tightly closed eyelids
spider steps towards a dawn
like fools-
we stretch time
wrapped in arms
killing minutes
waiting for the missile impact
of someone's hand
meeting the bedroom door.
ConstrictorShe eyes me over,
pulls me to her side of the bed.
My words tumble into silence,
thoughts drip along the lines of her body.
With her there's a season in every moment.
But a bitter past clothes me,
I wear it like stones around my neck.
And however I might desire;
I can't look up.
these warmer currents tempt me,
but I won't slip in futile passion.
The long lost diamond days,
are constrictors I can't shake loose from.

4g10  6years, varied/ traditional student
Terra Verde by 4g10 ID by 4g10

Aahz 12 years, doesn't seem active anymore...:(
Jm01 - The back of the guitar by Aahz closeup by Aahz

AaronBradford 5 year member, runs some wonderful groups.
Ghost of the Moon by AaronBradford Present Reflection of the Past by AaronBradford

AbCat 6 year member, literature, mentoring project
BlewI could never dream of English
rains that lashed the slabs of Cornish
paves, as a wild clawed cat paws
waves into boats onto rocks
unto death. Hear the slosh
slosh slosh of Mousehole harbour's
bathtub slop; see the gulls flying
backwards, the rainbows as warning
flags, the white horses blowing
up the cliff and over the heath,
taste the wind-nipped salt
drying on your lips. Once I felt
the lightning buzz before
it cleaved a nearby birch in two,
once saw the eye of Men-an-Tol
winking in the storm, and fish
jumping for their very lives
straight into the mouths of birds.
The sea is everywhere. It bites
at our ankles, gnaws at the crags
in cliffs until the whole world
tumbles into its steaming maw.
It rises and falls, rises and falls,
hailing into the flanks of miserable
animals on the storm-sodden tor.
Do they pine, as we do, for one
last breath of stagnant summer?
Oozes of Virgin SeptemberLet mild September crest Summer's dour vale,
whose tantrums wanked the hills with muddy sponges,
where clouds clobbered over fields of gasping cows.
I'm not the only one who saw the car headlights
dilating in the rain, for the cats and foxes run fearful
behind the hedgerow. So little roadkill this autumn.
Yet the sea fog swept in this morning
and it ate all the ramblers. I can still hear them hollering
on the on-shore breeze.
Only the gulls remain, harking from the shadows
of waves, and one stock-stone corvid, craaring
on a tree carcass.
But who cares what the crow says
when the shells sing 'kiss my arse',
and the wind cries for help in the distance?

abhimanyughoshal 11year member, photography gallery.
Stairway to Somewhere by abhimanyughoshal Colourbox by abhimanyughoshal

abh0rsen 11year member, photography
AnotherBrother by abh0rsen Matt-BacksideTorqueVert. by abh0rsen

abutton 7years, runs several groups, photography. former CV

AChardavoyne 2 years. DA related
No deviations yet

achfoo  10 years, former CV Wedding Photography
Morning Light by achfoo NYC - Dark City by achfoo

adam1975 11 years, former CV
All deviations in storage.

Adelaida 7 years, Cute digital art gallery
Swell by AdelaidaD10 - Wasp by Adelaida

admx 6 years, Runs multiple Groups,  logos and designs
admx Logo by admx Fly away by admx

adnrey 6years photography
Unverbal by adnrey Unspeaking by adnrey

DanLuVisiArt 10 years, digital art, deviousness
NOA - LMS - by DanLuVisiArt Secret Six 18 - Blackest Night by DanLuVisiArt

ebonred 8 years digital art
:thumb304241177: T e a r s by ebonred

Aegis-Illustration  7 years Digital art(photomanip)
I've put a spell on you... by Aegis-IllustrationComfortably Numb by Aegis-Illustration

Aeires 8 years, digital(fractals)
Winter Grace by AeiresThe Amber Lights by Aeires

aelis 11years, mixed gallery
Things are looking uplike the sky
you say
things are never better
gathering up smiles and good wishes
hoarding hugs and promises
you shameless needful collector
can never figure how
nor why
nor what was going
through your mind
as you gazed out at
all who paid your friendship
with open ears
and closed eyes
but... I figure
eventually all you have
piled up may
teeter and totter
and slowly come down
some day
and with a frown
you'll say
"I hate the sky"
to which I reply
"Why baby? Thing's are certainly looking up."
l i k e m e
you said
"When you say I love you
it cheapens the word,
takes away
its better meaning,
when its heard
over and over..."
I think you're just scared
that someone could love you
like me
like I do
with intensity
pure emotion
and deeply
But I can't say these
these things to you
so I whisper them
in your ear at night
my lips brush your lobe lightly
my hands cradle your face
I say it when you cant fight me
I say
Baby, I love you like no one can
I love you like me
like only I do
I love you like the stars in the sky while they blink blink
I love you like heart goes beat beat
I love you like fire burnies and water drink drink
I love you times infinty squared three
love me like I do you...
love me.

Anako-ART 7years digital
guardians of the forest by Anako-ART

aeternitas 10 years  mixed gallery
ae - Nature + Machine by aeternitas ae - GTKT VIb by aeternitas

Age2003  8years former CV
Age's Coat of Arms by Age2003 s t i l l   w a t e r s by Age2003

agorf Former Staff member Photography
Natural Mirror by agorf  :thumb97951530:
: devaimanstudio: digital art 6 years
Bunny by AimanStudio Children Room by AimanStudio
Maya and Mariachis by albertofoto Julissa close up by albertofoto
aleksandra 9years
Julieta4 by aleksandra haien2 by aleksandra

Alexander-GG 4years,
deviantART Gallery Icons by Alexander-GG Woodism Evo by Alexander-GG

alohalilo  5years, animation professional
Zebra Kiss by alohalilo thumb315669712

shingworks digital art proffessional 7 years
Expression tutorial by shingworks Pose tutorial by shingworks

alexiuss 8years  diverse
Seasonscape by alexiuss THE MESSENGER by alexiuss

alienhead 8years
TLM Cover by alienhead ALT Cover by alienhead

JesseLax 8years designs and interfaces
AHiL's Anti-Theft Card PSD Pack by JesseLax Texture War 2012 by JesseLax

Tree bilge colour by alness

BronzeRocket 9 years diverse gallery
Desktop by BronzeRocket Goodbye by BronzeRocket

alteredreality 9 years
New Politics 001 by alteredreality It must be a dream by alteredreality

altermind 11 years, digital art
temple beta by altermind  Can't find me by altermind

alyn 9 years Photography, diverese
Evolution by alyn Switzerland pic 3 by alyn

Amberlouie 5years literature
:thumb265378124: ShiverAn earthquake rolls across her skin
as green curtains reserve a space
for construction -
he looks at splattered bed sheets
and cradles a small shiver.
He inhales, holds the breath. Hands
calloused by supermarket boxes grip
the railing. Cord of blood and sweat
fused into life is taken into other,
more precise palms.
A hand on his shoulder whirls
him around - birth is burdened
into his arms. Black curls smell sweet.
He feels her hand envelope his as he
leans forward to kiss the wailing temple
turned an angry shade of red. She's
whisked away - to wash and dry.
A statue of bones -
becomes a colossal collapse.

alphakx 11years, designs and interfaces
Bank Security by alphakx
amgleft 7 years professional designs and interfaces
AGE OF KALI by amgleftAin't No Sunshine_small_test by amgleft

:devamorlerouth:  10 years Proffesional Artisan Crafts
Absalom Mini Lace Top Hat by amolerouth Family Crest by amolerouth

:devamour-estranger: 10 years proffesional photography
elegance by amour-etranger church bells by amour-etranger

amv 11years Former devious winner
maria by amv machine requiem by amv

amyhooton 5 years, photography/traditional
A garden in the void of my heart by amyhooton A garden in the void of my heart by amyhooton

anachsunamon 8 years, traditional art
..:: Catwalk ::.. by anachsunamon..:: Moon Cat ::.. by anachsunamon

Anahita 9 years Photography
Prescilla, the rainbow girl by Anahita I salute you Venus by Anahita

anaRasha 8 years, fantasy-artists admin.
imagination by anaRasha imagination by anaRasha

Anathematixs 6 years Digital Art Professional
- Ian - by Anathematixs - Aquatic Saraceirra - by Anathematixs

andidas 11 years
Blood On The Dancefloor by andidasMilkbottleRocket by andidas

andy261 9 years Photography
pacific sunrise by andy261 this world by andy261

angelcurls 11 years
0143. by angelcurls  0144. by angelcurls

angelelectrico 6 years
Angry Again by angelelectrico Mora by angelelectrico

animator 9years
Interrobang: Symbology Closeup by animator Free characters for all by animator

anjules 9 years: deviousness award
Cognizant by anjules Glacial by anjules

annajordanart 3 years Body Art
Guard by annajordanart Daddy's Girl -3 by annajordanart

AnneJulieAubry 8 years  Digital Art
The Flower Fairy by AnneJulieAubry Frida Kahlo by AnneJulieAubry

anon-y-mouse 11 years Deviousness Award
5536 - release by anon-y-mouse 5448 - cant by anon-y-mouse

Anoya 8 years: Photography
Iwan. by Anoya Angry Tiger. by Anoya

antonn  11 years
noname fragment by antonn  nnplsm by antonn

apartialfragment  8 years Photography
View from the Top by apartialfragment Amputation of the Gravest Kind by apartialfragment


:devaquapelll: 9 years photography
Gone Away by aquapell The Yard by aquapell

anthonyasael  deviousness winner 6 years
jumping in the ocean in Cabo V by anthonyasael Baobab Alley by anthonyasael

AquaSixio 8 years, digital art
Swamp of Soap by AquaSixio The one with the arrow by AquaSixio

arachnid15 9 years
Think Twice by arachnid15 Take It All Away by arachnid15

archanN 6 years
Beautiful Rising by archanN Anirumel by archanN

arcipello  10 years deviousness/ digital varied
Her Silent Silhouette by arcipello Splash down by arcipello

artoa 7 years, minimalistART Varied
Pieces Go Missing by arctoa The MessengerLaunch
my satellite
into star-field
starburst substrata;
A supernova
in the silence
stretched thin between
distant Earths
along the super-string.
I am the collapse
both before and thereafter,
caught in moments
compressed in tunnels
By Krasnikov.

AreteEirene 7 years, groups Photography
Mill Creek Gazebo Pano by AreteEirene Happy Holidays Courthouse by AreteEirene

Argocat8 8years photography
Hanauma Bay by Argocat8 Innamincka airstrip... by Argocat8

arhcamt 6 years former CV Typography/varied
Dance in the Rain by arhcamt25 by arhcamt

armaina 9 years varied
Nepa Redux by armaina Winding Fuzz by armaina

arrioch designs and interfaces  6years
:matrixglomp: by arrioch App Icons by arrioch

kgcreative 10 years varied
Cuba - Streetscape by kgcreativePacific Grove Moonrise by kgcreative

arterie 11 years professional
Elsewhere by arterieSummertime - white by arterie

Artgerm 8 years, digital art professional Deviousness
Pepper Heart by Artgerm Evelet of The Lost Kids by Artgerm

ArtisnotanAccident  5 years
.:Reinforcements:. by ArtisnotanAccident  .:Sophrosyne Lost:. by ArtisnotanAccident

ArtistsForCharity 6 years  Charity organizer

:devtylerhagen: 9 years designs and interfaces professional
Hueco Mundo by TylerHagan Possibilities by TylerHagan

AthenaTT Deviousness Traditional 9 years
Gabo by AthenaTT Robert Pattinson Edward Cullen by AthenaTT

asunder 10 years varied
Poison Cuff by asunder Glass Marble Ephemera Necklace by asunder

Astrophel 8 years Lit/Varied
It is a hat? by Astrophel Lobster sticks to magnetSleep
1 Tonight you are earth against me
   the black forest
   my jungle
   seen smiling in bright flowers
2 or is that saw
   you look sad on me
   your body cold lava
   like soft white mud
3 sing out of it baby
   you have oceans in you
   the still peace of rain
   a blue garden pond of lost talk
4 I'm the big river boat
   your light green tree
   a nearby cloud
   & haven't we walked on wing before
--clever interlude--
I'm smart
and I want sex
       any questions
5 Have you been an airport?
   I have
   I've seen a man taking off
       out of this world
       flying to the sky

Astarsia 8 years Varied
Enough is enough by Astarsia Nancy Goodaim - 2006 to 2012 by Astarsia

ashwynmayr 8 years, varied
Clover by ashwynmayr Wintered Heart by ashwynmayr

Ashwings 8 years Varied
God of Fire - Fox Fire by Ashwings TZH Book: Front and Back Cover by Ashwings

Atramina 4 years Varied Digital art CV
Colorful pieces by Atramina So close, so far by Atramina

ATrue Literature Professional 3 years
:thumb164975875: :thumb162210848:

:deautumnnights: Varied 6 years
compositional chemistry by wordsrioting identity crisis by wordsrioting

JenaDellaGrottaglia 7 years Digital Professional
identity crisis by wordsrioting violette by JenaDellaGrottaglia

AwsumZ  2 years Varied
Misa Misa by AwsumZ Mosh by AwsumZ

azarath 9 years Digital/varied
italo by azarath martian tomm by azarath

Azildin 8 years Photography/varied
Seeds Of Life Up Close by Azildin Spring Delight by Azildin

arwenita 9 years designs and interfaces
CakeJournal Revamp by arwenita Black Cat Hat blog by arwenita

AshleyxBrooke 8 years Photography Many Groups
-- In the Jungle -- by AshleyxBrooke The Outsider by AshleyxBrooke

Albufera de Valencia by ArtistsForCharity C A L M by ArtistsForCharity

Angelles-LaVeau 7 years Traditional/Digital Professional
The Succubus by Angelles-LaVeau Return of the Sun by Angelles-LaVeau

:heart: Took forever!


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