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December 4, 2012
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Devious Love Edition .17

Tue Dec 4, 2012, 2:55 PM

Devious Love

This article series aims to promote a variety of art,  groups, deviants, projects, and contests.
:+fav: To spread the devious love!
I hope you find this fun and useful!

Underappreciated Artists 


Reb'l by AndrewKalash
VILLAGE GIRL by AndrewKalash Reb'l by AndrewKalash


Canal Rocks 5 by Alpha-Cortex

Flying Jaya by Alpha-Cortex

Weeeeee! by Alpha-Cortex
Grey Sea II by suffer1
Novembre by suffer1 Descent fall by suffer1

Photography Features

Shimmer and Sway by mariyaolshevska

Lizard by Orkinatorcheetah by davidst123

Flowers And Wires by BokehLightSearching by 3wyl

Paradise by dangerous-glow

Novembre by suffer1

Literature Features

Digital Art Features

Christmas Shark by TiffanySketches

Cheetah by DK-Studio

omgwth - The Reason by happy-gurl

Vincent and Sara by CristianaLeone

she just wept by fourteenthstar

Baby Ocelot by XxTinaN7xX

Traditional Art Features

Kokedama by kumiandsprout

The Purple Prince by White--Whiskers
Before The Night Ends by Gwendolyn12

Still Life with Pear and Lemon by MountainInspirations

Autumn's Bridal Bouquet by BarbaraPommerenke

bust and dead flowers and metal containers by Flrmprtrix

Rose by Tomek3618

Group Spotlight

Showcasing a wonderful group. Join and get involved!
You can find the lovely chat here
A brilliant photography group.

Reach out + Commissions

Reach Out!

:heart: In Need of Donations:
A wonderful person needs donations NOW. Any amount will do. Please help her!
:star: In Need of
:icongoddessinprogress: Commission information Emergency!
She's offering beautiful commissions to pay for her trip to Japan.

:iconsolid-snivy: wishes for commissions! info

:iconavessapien: here Working to make a difference for birds. Collecting commissions for them.

commissioning info
Suggested by ~Riemea
:iconklydekiss: Needs money to pay off school debt. She wants to go to college. Her art is stunning. Donate or commission her~

:iconithilloth: Needs money to help pay for her Grandfather's funeral. Send some hugs and love please.
commissions info

:iconunicornreality: is taking commissions to give extra love to her wonderful pets. Commissions information
:icontouchedvenus: is looking for prize donations for a contest. Journal Here

In Need For Donations:
:iconfracfx: Lost his home in a fire. Please help him!
Are you offering commissions?
:note: Me if you need anything.

Community Events

December Community EventsDecember 

Calling All Traditional Artists ^Astralseed
A wonderful way to get involved in traditional art. #Traditionalists
  Praising Life Project
Comment your inspiring words here. 
 Shelter Project =TeaPhotography 
Help animals in need. 
Winter giveaway project Arichy and dAWishingWell

News Article Pimps

dA Related CR Update: December 2012Welcome to the last deviantART Related CR Update of the year! :)
News posted between the last CR Update and now:
Winners of the devID Spooky Make-up ContestCSS Did You Know? - November 20, 2012, November 28th, 2012, and December 4th, 2012Did You Know? - Username Changing, Llama Locking and

Art History - Textiles FeaturesA Feature from the Textiles Gallery
Gallery Info: Textiles
Art created by using fabric and natural woven materials including
fashion/costume construction and hairpieces like wigs and falls.

:thumb340424639: BulbaShoes by Miss-Melis
Blonde Wig by BeachGirlNikita
Steampunk-Victorian cuffs PCCC33 by JanuaryGuest Kanzashi by Tono-chan
Steampunk Woolen coat by VioletCats
Teacozy - Peppermint Pointsettia by RubyOfTrinity Chocolate and Roses Hat by NoFlutter
And some tutorials about textiles
Hat Tutorial by CosmiCosmosShoe painting tutorial by ArlequinneDoll hoodies tutorial Part 1 by KarenBJD
Can't get enough? Have a look at the gallery yourself!
Helpful links:
What is art history?
How to submit an article.

Stash - The Beautiful Client
Stash was lovingly handcrafted to provide you with a fun, fast, and friendly way to upload your artwork to your deviantART account.
Built using the official deviantART API you can quickly, and easily, shoot photos using your built in camera, submit files already on your device, and even compose literary works anywhere, any time.
Coming soon to the iOS App Store with the help of Ikue.
Check out the website for the app and sign up to be notified when it launches.
-- Update --
Submitted version 1.0 of the app today. So expect it in the next week or so.

<da:thumb id="339346575"/>

The International Cheetah Day Challenge:note: This day is over, you can no longer submit to this category.

Tuesday 4th is International Cheetah Day.
To help spread awareness of this endangered species, we're encouraging you all to submit cheetah-related art on this day.

For this day only, a special "International Cheetah Day" category will be open.
Submit to this category here
  Prey in sight by darkSoul4Life
Any form of art goes! So long as it's somehow cheetah-related.
Catwalk by clippercarrillo Little Cheetah by AllesiaTheHedge :thumb32488

November Daily Deviation RoundupsOnce again we've compiled a blog of all of our Daily Deviation Roundups so that you can browse the articles much easier! Enjoy :heart:
:bulletblue:General Photography from 3wyl
:bulletblue:General Photography from Kaz-D
:bulletblue: Conceptual Photography
:bulletblue: Cosplay
:bulletblue: Darkroom Photography
:bulletblue: Horror & Macabre Photography

<da:thumb id="340788040"/>

CSS Did You Know? - December 4th, 2012

WishingWell WeeklyThe Wishlist | Granted Wishes | Featured Member | Featured Print
Point Features | Well Wishes | Tuesday Treats |

Need brushes?After references, textures and faces, the time comes for brushes. All inspirational, all useful!

Gimp Anim. Grass Brushes Set by LJFHutch
13 Blending and Texturing Brushes by god-headFree PS Grass Brushes 2 by s10889 Paint Splatter Brushes by Miss-deviantE:thumb335492192:
Bark brushes - Photoshop by Autlaw:thumb200310505:Velvetcat's Brush Set_2 by velvetcat
Old Paper Brushes III by lailomeielOrnamental Shapes - Brush Pack by SyaReal Media Mini Brush Set by StalcryBrushes Set 01 by Elsouille
Border Brush 3 by wantingtobreakfreeAntique Lace Brushes by Scully7491My watercolor brushes by muttiy
Lace brushes by Myruso:thumb276107668:Grunge Corner Brush Pack by midnightstouch




Get featured on my profile for a two weeks by:

Creating a deviation centered around this word: Bouncey.

Comment with the link! (deviations must be created for this, not already in your gallery. ) 

Get  a chance featured on my profile for a month by:

Faving this journal and answering this question via comment:

How many official dA emotes are there? 

Correct answering deviants will be thrown into a quick randomizer.

My Cat by Samplle

Deviation of the week

Thank you for reading.  :+fav:


Added new sections to devious love!

Interviews in progress.

I'd be more than happy to interview people you suggest. :la:


I hope you enjoy the article!
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