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October 18, 2012
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Devious Love Edition .15

Thu Oct 18, 2012, 2:44 PM

Devious Love

This article series aims to promote under appreciated art, more art,  groups, deviants, projects, and contests.
:+fav: To spread the devious love!
DeviantART is a wonderful community, and I hope these articles will help you get more involved.

Interview with PemaMendez:

PemaMendez:'s Gallery




:bulletblue: Thank you for participating!

Tell us a bit about yourself!

well, My name is Pema Mendez, I'm from Latin America's hell-hole, I'm an artist on the grind :D  mostly self taught. I'm currently studying graphic design and plan to master on illustration (if that's possible, is it?). I want to create the most awesome hard boiled crime novel of the first half of this century! and be remembered as that sick dude from Latin America that wrote about Yakuza and ninjas (kinda like Kinji Fukasaku):dance:

 :bulletblue: How did you find deviantART?

before joining I always needed references and resources for drawing or for high school papers and stuff, I noticed many of the images I searched came from this site, it took me around a year to finally close the Google images bar and give deviantART a surf. after a while I decided to join to show the world my doodles :aww:

:bulletblue: What inspired your username?

that's how everyone knows/refers to me in fact :D
since I was elementary my friends call me Pemanuel (since my name is
Emanuel), then eventually evolved to just Pema, I've been using this
alias for so long even from high school and college call me like that.
my second name (family name) is Mendez, ergo, PemaMendez (I'm so creative :confused:) you can actually find out everything I do in the internets since 2008 by googling that

 :bulletblue:What did you love about the site/what stood out?

mainly the opportunity to get to show my work to people outside of my social group, I was kind of a badass in school so even if my drawings were fugly my friends would say they were good :D  and I don't show anything to my family because they praise me like I'm a  god, I wanted critic, and feedback from serious people that could appreciate that could appreciate art and not only "less clothes bigger boobs" of something like that.

:bulletblue:What do you aim to do in the deviantart community?

I wish to gain recognition as an artist, get deviants from around the world to say "hey, it's another image by that dude PemaMendez, his work is awesome" just like I curently say from other already-famous-deviants :D

:bulletblue: What inspires your work?


well, I work mostly on illustrations for my storybook and characters, and what inspires them is mostly movies I see from time to time, videogames, and music. for example, my main character at the moment, Miko (a yakuza assassin) was inspired by the "Battles without honor of humanity" movies and Hitman videogame series :D and so on.

 :bulletblue:What is your main genre(s)?

I guess... Illustration :?

 :bulletblue:What is unique about the medium(s)s?

I like that it portraits a character doing on frames that are written on   my storybook or somewhere else, I can illustrate my character dumping a   body into a dumpster or picking up a bullet shell from the floor, might  look like "just a drawing" but I actually did it because there are whole page(s) written to it, and the illustration kinda gives a guide for the reader to imagine the rest of the scene and put all kinds of spices and curry to it. :slow:

 :bulletblue:What kinds of things are reflected in your style?

like to combine beautiful visuals (fantasy like) with good aesthetics (beautiful people, outfits, colors and stuff) and mix it with lots and lots of violence and blood... sounds tasty, doesn't it?

:bulletblue: Any difficulties regarding your art?


rrently, the main problem I have is finding the right frame. illustration it's not like comic or manga, in comics you have lots of frames with different scenes and points of view, in illustration I need to find the right frame, the right angle, and the right scene, since there is a whole story written for it it's very difficult (for me, at least) to find this frame that will illustrate the story perfectly, sometimes I spend days playing around on my sketchbook or on 3D software   looking for this scene while reviewing the text again and again, I end  up with my brain blown up and no illustration at all.

:bulletblue:What is your future as an artist?

I guess I'll make a living out of it (?) since.... I'm studying for an art related degree in college and I have so many projects in mind I would love to produce massively and maybe sell :dance: if that doesn't work out, then I'll just become an Altair, that could work too,"the art of killing".

 :bulletblue:Anything more you'd like to add?

I would reaaaally love a cup of coffee right now :confused:... and a unicorn, or an albino rhino, A UNICORN ALBINO RHINO! wait... : O_o:

:squee: Thank you!

October Community Events

Support spirit day! Spirit Day Free Journal Skin by pica-ae

A collection of exciting things around dA that I've found. Projects/contests/events. Want to suggest yours or a friend's? :note: or comment. :hug:

Happenings in the deviantart community.
On Going Projects
  Consider :+fav: all these articles to support them. :heart:


:bulletblue: Super Group Status Project(points needed)

Warm Winters Project ToxicAlice92

:bulletblue: Shelter Project

:bulletblue:<a href="…
/100-Premium-Memberships-63-600-points-276203137"> 100 Premium Membershipswinehaus


:bulletblue:Autumn Contest dA related bradleysays
:bulletblue: Merrel Shoe Box Contest Design

:bulletblue: Photomanip Challenge Photomanip Tutorial Challenge Aeirmid

:bulletblue: October ECC:ECTV hosted by I-is-smart
:bullletblue:Halloween All-Around Chat Event!
:bulletblue: SpoOOooOOoky Halloween Contest!

:bulletblue:Creatures of the Night Stock and Resources Contest

:bulletblue:Unframed Nature's Autumn Contest TeaPhotography

:bulletblue: DA wishing Well
:bulletblue: Muro Challenge

:bulletblue: Prose Blood Country= and poetry screams

:bulletblue: Commenting Contest namenotrequired

:bulletblue: Upgrade Your Space Contest Ayame-Kenoshi hq

:bulletblue: Awesome eevee contest Pokemon-Revolution

:bulletblue: Halloween-HQ :la: Welcome to Hell.. Stay tuned and watch the group for more info.

Unseen Artist Spotlight


blured waters by Aviectus
Seemann by Aviectus ready to depart by Aviectus



:thumb332836379:beginning of the journey by maybe-paper-hearts

Monochrome by Kimber09
Left To Lose by Kimber09 Fractured by Kimber09

Photography Features

Donkey by PandaGround

Let Your Light Shine Down by TeaPhotography

Day At The Beach 1 by Mattsma

Chihuly Boats by Shade-of-Dreams

Red as Roses by fadingechoes101

Aqua by LOVEintheSNOW Speak To Me Again by Applemac12

Literature Features

You See, I See...You have more than one side to you,
None of them nearly the same,
And I have fallen in love with one,
Though with the others there,
It can never be,
You see he is just one of you,
And you are a she.
I can not see,
Why this was smart on my part,
Loving someone I couldn't touch,
Not fully of course,
Such a silly idea,
My mind thought up,
So now I see that I can not love,
Someone I made up.

SandThe sand was hot under her legs, hot enough to burn her skin if she had touched it without her protective gear on. Her boots, pants, gloves, long sleeve shirt, respirator, and headgear, all dark brown in color, had protective padding in them shielding her body from the intense heat that surrounded her.  They were the only things keeping her from shriveling up like a raisin under the intense glare of the sun. The young woman could still feel the heat even with all the gear. The danger did not bother her much though the landscape around her was too beautiful.
Large sand dunes surrounded her on almost all sides, most were taller than two story houses and none grew smaller than her small height of five feet. All of them slowly seemed to move, like waves on the open sea. The wind shifted the grains of sand reshaping the dunes with its steady gusts of hot air. The area was quiet other than the sound the respirator gave off as she breathed in and out. As well it was lifeless out in

RevelationWhat a revelation
the world is full of sickening people
no one wants to know unless it's about them
you can be the centre of the universe
just let me stick a pin in your head and attach a string
draw it out long and hard and rough
across the universe
and give you a place to stand
it's your new home
you can't move from that spot. Ever.

The Sweet Bough of Autumn Leaves                 I
      The Arrival

In a land long ago, past tall peaks roofing snow
nature played, nurturing a forest of autumn leaves.
Grew huge trees rising high; canopies kissed the sky
holding a tinge tad of gold to their autumn leaves
Birds sang ancient songs, lost maidens long gone
nature retracted from plucking the autumn leaves
But 'fore nature departs, nature tore out its heart
as a guardian of peace for these autumn leaves
She opened her eyes, to incredulity and surprise
and so came to being, an essence of plight,
came to being - the sweet bough of autumn leaves
    Nature's Restlessness

Years dwindled and passed, some slow yet some fast.
Deeper anchored the roots of the autumn leaves
But soon harbored were foes, showering deadly arrows,
intent sinister than moonless nights under autumn leaves
Relentless were they; in truth evil were they
yet no harm ever cleaved past the autumn leaves
She - not till the last day - knew what kept harm

UnderstandSometimes, there's something about you that I can see. I see it in a tacit way that grows on to me before I know it. It may be more than empathy, because I could feel for any of your deep feelings. In a way, it's like I knew your name before you wrote it down. You can find my ability very prodigious, if you know what I mean. It felt as if I read your mind. I wouldn't call myself a total psychic, but when I look at you, I know you. Like a close family friend. Maybe I really am like a psychic.  If I could tell you that I can do this, you would never be inured to it. I never understood either, but that's just the way I roll. And then when I look at you again, I get so intoxicated--inebriated-- to know so much about you at first glance. I guess first impressions are always the same to me. I'm not inane as you think I am. I'm not being silly or making this up. For you, you may never understand what I can.

L.I.F.ELife holds many magnificent things
So many adventures
Pursuing dreams
Falling in love with the one
Of course
Life holds many tragedies
Deaths of loved ones
Innocent people killed
People forced out of their homes
Losing everything you know
All think it is catastrophic
All think it is beautiful
When it really comes down to it
It is both
We need the catastrophic
We need the beautiful
As it makes life
Exactly what it is
A Quiet Thought
A wise man once imparted to me
by way of a hotel napkin:
"Stay in your heart
and everything will be all right."

Digital Art Features

Moon Tree by phoenixleoRelax v1.01 by Koushoku-jin

Agares Valcourt by LeMinouBrunes

meteour shower by leticiaprestes


Seakiss by DaFlummify

Calm (+lines) by Nee-toOhana Matsumae by Shing-Yi

Traditional Art Features

is my hair okay? of course it is, i'm fabulous. by DrillaLilyIce Spiral... by Kick-Artist

Lamb of God by Deskari

The girl who speared by arameas

A Milk Jug of Roses by happy-smiley-robot

Barn Owl Scratchboard Complete by Cleverun

:bigthumb329217631:Every Rose Has It's Thorn. by Peace-Wolf

Group Spotlight

Show casing a wonderful group. Join and get involved.
 Is a great traditional art focused group.

Random Love

Thank you :devunicorn-reality: Former CV. :love:

More outsideness 2 by UnicornReality

Calcifer by UnicornRealityHuman Centipede III by UnicornReality

Slender Man by UnicornReality

Commission her!


May you have a wonderful day. :heart:

Thank you for reading.  :+fav:

Features, dA love, events, interview.
:note: Suggestions. I prefer other artist suggestions.

Thanks for reading. :+fav: is appreciated. Supports the artists and events.

I hope this inspired you and made you feel loved~
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