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Devious Love 19

Sat Apr 13, 2013, 10:12 AM
This is a fully revised edition of  Devious Love! These articles will now contain more art and content.  Enjoy!
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People you definitely should check out!

Kathy shows some serious kindness and dedication! She's always helping others through the means of features, gifts, and constructive feedback. Her gallery is also breath taking and inspiring!
Check out some of her news here: 

<da:thumb id="361940089"/><da:thumb id="357172249"/>:thumb364219589:

:iconmiontre: miontre 

Amazir is one of the most talented and awesome people I know. He's dedicated and cares about our community. He writes some amazing articles, codes hot CSS, (like this. Go and congratulate him on his DD) and takes beautiful photography. 
<da:thumb id="341937308"/><da:thumb id="354675797"/><da:thumb id="355730968"/>

More amazing people? 
Look no further: DAzzle 1

Under appreciated Artists: 
Undiscovered Weekly: TraditionalWelcome to the Traditional Edition of Undiscovered Weekly
In  case you're not familiar with it yet, Undiscovered  Weekly is a series of articles aimed at putting a spotlight on  some otherwise unknown talent across dA's various galleries.
Featured Artists
:iconbumblerbee1: :iconzennna246: :iconezekiel-thrash:
:bulletblue: Hello! Thank you for participating! Please introduce yourself!
   Hi! My name is Alice and I'm just a person who really loves to draw, paint, and make things! Basically, I like doing anything creative! 

:bulletblue: What are you favourite mediums? Why are they your favourite?
   I mostly draw and paint but I've also become very interested in digital art after joining DA. I like pencil, color pencil, and oil paint the best for traditional media, and for digital I'll use Phot
Undiscovered Weekly: Stock and Resource:iconpackwood: 
Hello! Thank you for participating! Please introduce yourself!
Hi, my name is Dean Packwood, I'm 42, New Zealand born and currently living in Taupo, New Zealand. I've drawn and sketched my whole life, mainly in pencil, ballpoint pen and coloured pencil. About 20 years ago, I got caught up with work and other stuff and really didn't get back into it until the beginning of 2013. I had never really gotten into painting in a big way until now. If you haven't done anything for a while, don't despair, it's like getting back on a bicycle, you're a bit rusty but pick it back up in no time at all. It was only a matter of a week or so and I was ahead of where I was 20 years ago.

Why do you create tutorials?
It's my personal belief that there is a skill to art (not like a lot of so-called "art" today).

Cradled by sonicaust

Morning Valley by sonicaust

Knight in Moorning by sonicaust


Presenting inknalcohol, an awesome writer who is wrapped in silk ties and waiting. 

:bulletblue: Tell us a bit about yourself!

I'm a writer (and I'm using that term loosely) that runs a zoo of animals, has a psycho-crazy-awesome housemate, and a very strong addiction to Monster.

My Warning LabelChemical Free
That's what my warning label says.  I've tried to scrub it off, but there is no chemical to remove it.
So I sit here and scowl at it.  Hoping my anger towards it will somehow make it flake off.  It hasn't worked yet.
After a few hours, I'll give up.  Just like I do every other day.  I'll walk away and glance over my shoulder to see if my departure will change it.  It doesn't.  The label is still there.  Sitting there.  Mocking me with it's permanent ink.
Day after day.  Week after week.  Month after month.  Year after year.  Decade after miserable decade.  It haunts me now and I want it to leave more than ever.
But what would I be without it? If I woke up tomorrow and it was suddenly gone, I would miss it.  Would want it back.  It's mine and no one can take it away from me.
Over the years, I've come to love my label.  I may not be free to do what I want, but my mind is free to think what it wants.
I take it all back.  I don't want to scratch off my label.  I don't

:bulletblue: How did you find deviantART?

The same way I find many things.  My cousin invaded my home and refused to leave until I checked out what she wanted me to see.  I was hooked as soon as I joined.
Fighting Fate : PrologueNineteen years ago
Quickly making his way up the staircase to the king's chambers, Lord Rafe, the king's administrator, entered the room, and walked up to the king.  "Sire, two children have been born to the Queen—"
"She is not the Queen or a queen for that matter, and you will not address her as such."  Anger evident in his voice.
"King Malachi, my apologies, but I still await your instructions on what to do with the children."  Rafe replied.
Malachi shook his head.  "I can't believe this!  First she scams her way into my castle and into my bed, and now she has given birth to two heirs to this throne!"  Malachi paced the room like a caged tiger.  "You are supposed to protect me from events just like this!"  Malachi was obviously venting his frustrations.  He was still unable to grasp how Elana of the Wood had disguised herself and convinced him to marry her, let alone bear his childre

:bulletblue: What inspired your username?

When I first joined it was fenris242 mainly because I use that everywhere, but then I met thorns and after finding out my last name is Grimm and I was using a reaper-like avatar at the time, I became Grim Face (she'll tell you it's Grim Face the Jerk Face, but don't listen to her, she's an cheesecake supporter!)  So when dA allowed us to change usernames, it was an obvious change because everyone was already calling me Grim Face.

:bulletblue: How does deviantART stand out for you?

The Community.  I don't think I'd be here if it was for the Community.  Especially the Lit Community.  I was welcomed with open arms and they haven't kicked me out yet.  

:bulletblue: What do you aim to do in the deviantART community?

Feedback and recognition for others and of course helping out wherever I can.  I started my Be A Critic challenge to get more feedback for writers.  It's done well, and I hope it continues to do well.  Lit is still one of the hardest things to get feedback on.
Never Too Late Scene 1Mickey hopped out of her Jeep and pulled the keyring from the inside pocket of her thigh length black leather jacket.  Smiling, she climbed the three steps up to the front door, twirling the keyring in her hand. It had been nearly seventy years since she'd been to the house and now she'd be living there again.
Turning the old skeleton key, she heard the click of the door unlocking.  Walking into one of the many places she considered home in her long life, memories of the house quickly came back to her.  She'd missed it more than she'd realized.
There wasn't much time to get the house ready before her brothers arrived.  Adi would come first and help with any of the major needs of the house, but when Kristof arrived the house had to be ready for living in.
Before even looking at the black sheets that covered the furniture, Mickey made her rounds to each of the many windows in the house to slide the steel protectors out of view.  Just the

Being part of the fella team has given me the opportunity to get writers from all walks of life noticed as well with the Undiscovered Weekly features.  

Individuals aside, I've also put in lots of work with various groups.  Whether it's helping them get back on their feet, or just lending a hand when their staff is down.  I enjoy meeting new people and being an admin has brought all kinds of new friends my way.
:bulletblue: What inspires your work?

All sorts of stuff.  My prose is almost always inspired by life or things I wish were happening in my life.  I'm also an avid people watcher.  I've written lots of shorts and vignettes based off watching people in the store, at the beach, in a bar, or at a park.  

My poetry (if you want to call it that, I prefer not to) is spur of the moment.  Whatever fleeting feeling I'm having at that very second is what I write.
You Are MarvelousI wish you could see
Just how marvelous you are
Words do you no justice
Because there are none that
Can capture the essence of you
I wish you could see
The person I see in you
All the strength and unwillingness
Only begins to break the surface because
Beneath it there is a devotion few have glimpsed
I wish you could see
You are more than you think you are.

:bulletblue: What is your main genre(s)?

I'm a romance writer.  I've always loved love and I love writing it.  My housemate tells me that I'm in love with love.  I haven't been able to argue it successfully yet.  So I tend to agree with her.  There's just something about the story of two people coming together and discovering each other that excites me.

:bulletblue: Any difficulties regarding your art?

Getting words written.  That's the hardest part.  I tend to rush through my writing and I need to learn to take my time and explain/describe things more.  

:bulletblue: What is your future as an artist?

I'll always write.  I've long given up the dream of being a published writer, but writing has gotten me through a lot of rough patches and I know I can never give it up.  It's always been an outlet for me; a way to get out the anger that needed to be released.
Never Let GoYour voice fades as I drift to sleep
I barely register the clatter of my phone hitting the floor
your side of the bed is cold
Even Puka loves you enough not to sleep there
If she weren't here, pressed warmly against my chest
sleep would evade me all night, and I want to dream of you
So when you show up on my doorstep tomorrow night
I'll hand you the remote and grab the soft blanket you adore
We'll stay in and make a disaster in the kitchen
but none of that matters because
You're here tonight, with me
I can hold you in my arms and never let go
You'll dig through my movies and pick something I hate
we'll get as far as putting it in before you laugh
and give me your real choice
It'll be one of my favorite films because
That's what you always do, and I love it
Jesse'll have to nudge our sleeping bodies from the couch
and that's okay because
Tonight you'll be curled up in my bed with me.

:bulletblue: What words of advice do you have for others?

Dream big!  It's a life motto.  If you're not dreaming big enough, you'll never know what you are capable of.  Sure, you may not make it, but there's always that chance that you will and that's worth fighting for.

:bulletblue: What is the inspiration of your hot icon?:iconinknalcohol: :iconinknalcohol: :iconinknalcohol: :iconinknalcohol: :iconinknalcohol: 

Who wouldn't want a raving Slenderman as their icon?  

:bulletblue: Cake or coconuts?

Definitely coconuts.  Even the thorny variety.  Cake is fake.  Pie is the holy grail.

Thank you so much Damien! 



Literarius: Latin for Literature

Literature News: Literature community happenings. 

Literature Groups

:groups: Find Literature Groups! 
This group is all about improving your writing and story telling. 


Interesting articles: 
WritersInk Interviews - DisrhythmicAn Interview with Disrhythmic
This community thrives on contributions from its members - and no-one gives more love  to the group than our Writer of the Month. We asked February's featured writer, disrhythmic, a few questions. Read on to discover a guilty secret about Stepenie Meyer (author of Twilight), what a thirteen year old's novel looks like, and how Dizzy likes to keep her hands busy.
When we featured disrhythmic at the start of February, we had this to say:
disrhythmic is a consistently active deviant who not only tunes into our regular roundups, but also gets through a lot of word-miles in the gallery, too. The WritersInk admins can rest a little easier knowing that there are people like her out there, giving encouragement and love to our members and making this group a really great place to be.
One thing we will say for disrhythmic is that she's a fantastic prose writer. The
How to Suggest a DDThe beauty of Daily Deviations is that they can be suggested by all members of the Deviantart community, including you!
To put forward a suggestion, just compose a new note addressed to one of the Lit CVs. Please note just ONE CV as multiple notes tend to create confusion.
If you're stumped on which CV to send in your suggestions to, you can check out their preferences which are stated in their profiles.
Before you Suggest
Having found the perfect piece of writing for a DD (maybe even with the help of this guide), there are a few things you should check before making your suggestion.:bulletblack: If the author has used a preview image, please make sure it's theirs or one they have permission to use. For further reading about this, see
:bulletblack: Check whether the deviant has been featured in the past six months.
Daily Literature DeviationsOver the last few weeks, we've been discussing the ins and outs of Daily Deviations - but that's not the only feature a writer can receive...
What are Daily Literature Deviations?
A Daily Literature Deviation (DLD) is another feature available for writers, serving as both a badge of quality and an opportunity for further exposure within the literature community. Every Monday to Friday, the DLD account DailyLitDeviations posts a journal that features five outstanding pieces of literature from community submissions. This account is not affiliated with Daily Deviations (DDs) or the Literature Gallery Moderators: it is an extension of the literature community itself.
Why are they important?
Because people care enough for them to exist. Daily Deviations showcase the best literature there is to offer to the entire deviantART userbase, and that's great, but the literature community has found a way to showcase even more of its best work to a dedicated audience. The DLD t

Ran by your lit CVs BeccaJS, Nichrysalis ,and neurotype
CR Hub for Literature Community. 

Interesting articles: 
#CRLiteratureIntroducing #CRLiterature
With the new year, one of the things that the literature gallery moderators want to focus on is the interaction and growth of the community as a whole, and part of that is being able to chat in a comfortable environment that will still further artistic and personal growth. And so, with this new year we have decided to launch :#CRLiterature:, a Community Relations chatroom for literature.
The Chatroom Structure
The first step toward integrating the community as a whole is the overlooking of user symbols in building the chat structure. All users start off in the Writers privclass, so that everyone has the same footing when trying to take part in the chat. The hope is that the room will grow to be a pleasant environment for literature discussion, or even just friendly banter. As people become regularly involved in the room, they will be given the option to be moved to one of three privclasses based on their interest in writing fo
Literature DDs for December 2011December's Literature Daily Deviations
Hello all! This is an article showcasing the deviations from the Literature gallery that were featured as Daily Deviations throughout the past month. So, without further ado...the features!
Featured by BeccaJS
Lady Depression by meghan-soloShe's half a step from me by ReinventReinvigorateA Christmas Surprise by nngrossin praise of scavengers by LancelotPriceThe art and technology of life by CatalystSparkPygmalion by YitikOrigin of the Sisters by TheBuggiest
Featured by Halatia
Fishbowl by RenderMeRainbowCaught Drowning by ninjababyfree verse poetry by baharimtotoPerfect Contrition by HesperieHarvest Moon by poshlost:thumb272367524:The Mundane Magic of Med School by ElmaraA Constellation of Scars by foxthepoetNot Quite Earth by leyghanUmbrella Terms by Alex-Fry-FanUncle Tom's Cabin by frizzymissizzy11 3 by bailey--elizabethA tall, lidded sunrise by pardonM3:thumb216207192:Dixie Red by DownwardsSaintEulogy for Bear by SitkaReign:thumb175127048:borne by pagan-poetessFootnote To The Apocalypse by GentlemanAnachronism37 by brittlejacksSelkie by Peemu
Featured by ikazon
Original PlagiaristsWelcome to OfOneSoul's first issue of...
How To Be

... and for the Hell of it, the fictional fiction writer himself,
Richard Castle, will be hosting this article's .gifs.
o·rig·i·nal [uh-rij-uh-nl]
:bulletblack: belonging or pertaining to the origin or beginning of something.
:bulletblack: new; fresh; inventive; novel.
:bulletblack: arising or proceeding independently of anything else.
:bulletblack: capable of thinking or acting in an independent, creative, or individual manner.
:bulletblack: created, undertaken, or presented for the first time.
Issue #1
We're gonna be honest here, you guys. As touchy as the subject may be - it needs to be brought up, and [even more], it needs to be discussed. What am I talking about, you may ask? :eyes:
The myth about being ORIGIN
30 Writers You Should Discover: Volume XIWhat's This?
Below you will find a new assortment of various writers on DeviantART who are worth getting to know. All of their respective galleries are packed full of tremendous works that I enjoy and hope that you will too. And, if there is a writer that may not be listed in this edition, you may wish to read the first


The Tiny Drop of Darkness A tiny drop of darkness
Resides in my heart.
It lives within me, barely stirring
It drifts about listlessly like a ghost
A being that just can’t seem to disappear even if I want it to.
All the corrupt words people feed into my mind only hurt me.
They internally beat me black and blue.
They make my body feel cold on the inside
As they make the tiny drop grow
Into a pitch-black abyss with no end.
So this is what anger is like.
This is what it means to hate.
It is very unlike me
To punch a wall, to yell and scream and shout
To let others know how I am feeling.
To let people see my emotions
Is unthinkable, unheard of.
So, instead, I listen in silence.
And I accept them
Even if what they tell me is false.
Even if they’re all lies.
I sit in silence, holding back stinging tears
And accept their harsh words.
I subconsciously believe they are true.
Because I don’t know what else I am supposed to do.
What You're Made OfShe wanted to simply be.
Spend everyday in a sashay
across this life.
It would be so much better
than dealing with days from hell itself.
Cutting around every corner.
Trying to miss the void
rapidly approaching.
Hoping to find meaning in
every broken second.
Maybe it would all add up.
Maybe she could figure it out.
But sometimes things just fall apart.
And sometimes things couldn't be stitched
back together again.
Not if she couldn't learn to fall.
Not if she wasn't willing to lose herself.
Life was supposed to be
beautiful, wasn't it?
Big doe-eyes shine in disbelief
and tears paint overworked cheeks.
Maybe not, she thinks.
Maybe not.
lifetimeshe dreams of the thunder of a thousand bison
and the gentle silence of the soaring hawk
he dreams of the nut-brown hands
that wait for him
in the skin shelter she made
for their wedding day
he dreams of cold breezes from the mountains
and warm skin against him
and the gleam in her eyes when they meet his again
he dreams of sunsets over endless plains
of her soft breath in his mouth
and a lifetime of precious touches

he wakes in the embrace of flannel sheets
and tender limbs
his fingers entwined with hers—
brown eyes gazing into his with that familiar gleam
Poison.You observe her, stretched out to her full length on your black sheets; her sinuous silhouette draws a flickering, quivering shadow on the wall (even her shadow fears her, you think to yourself).
Not even the warm, dim light of the candles makes her more human.
She smiles at you, all menacing white bone, and as she opens her sensuous mouth, sibilant words slip between her lips and wind around you like a snake around its prey.
Chillingly beautiful, in a frozen, calculating way. Dangerous.
And you know it, you know that you're about to give yourself into the hands of a viper and that she will steal your very soul if she so fancies...but you are incapable of resisting the ecstasy of her sweet poison.

Love Letters On the TrainDear Stranger,
I'm leaving this post-it tucked in the side of the train-seat. If you're reading this, you've seen it. I've seen you sit here every few Monday mornings, sometimes tapping a bent, unlit cigarette against your thigh, sipping from your tea (who brings a tea cup onto a train anyway?); sometimes staring at the rain outside, or reading your well-worn, beaten copy of Jane Eyre (I hate that you fold the corners down - it's bibliophilic abuse. I wish the book would papercut you to defend itself a little, but I digress).
You seemed so sad this Monday morning past. Please smile again. I love it when your eyes catch the light of something I'm unaware of, something silently and intimately your own; a secret from the world that makes everything all the more meaningful to you.
- The Passenger
Dear Passenger,
I'm not in the habit of reading post-its from strangers. I found a love-letter hidden in a newspaper once, that the author forgot or was too afraid to send. It made me sad to think
Ice Cold Heart - Part 1“C’mon, Lykaios, hurry!”
The young man looked at his sister and rolled his eyes. “It’s not like they’re going to leave without us, you know.”
Luciana giggled and pulled on her brother’s arm. She couldn’t help it, she was excited. When she had first come to Gale City years earlier, she had seen airplanes up in the sky and had read about them in storybooks. They fascinated her and she had always wanted to ride in one, but never had the chance. That was about to change.
Lykaios stared through the window at the small jet sitting out on the air field and frowned. “I don’t know about that thing. It doesn’t look safe. I’d far rather travel on a dragon or griffin.”
A slender hand fell on the prince’s shoulder. “I’ve ridden on a griffin before. Trust me, this is much more comfortable.” Sara moved away from the man, dropping her duffel bag onto a nearby chair.
The small ebony-haired girl g


Traditional Art

Traditional Art News

Painted Portrait Interview with ZawArtWelcome to Painted Portrait, a new Interview series focusing on traditional artists worth keeping an eye on.  Painted Portrait interviews aim to give the community more insight into talented traditional artists and how they came to be successful with their art.  Today we are interviewing ZawArt.
Thank you for allowing me to interview you, let's start off by having you introduce yourself.
-Hello! I'm one of the millions of users at this noble portal. As you can see by my gallery, I draw a little bit, on wood, on leather, on paper... Just another ordinary guy who likes spending time on creating.
Your gallery is filled with incredibly intricate drawings including celtic knots and the like, what inspires your drawings?
-Oh, this will be a rather standard answer... I'm not unique in this matter, as most of the creating brothers and sisters, I'm inspired by what surrounds me. Except music, books and things of this sort, I've been always in


Traditional Art Groups

Take a look at the community volunteer ran traditional art group!
Useful Articles:
Welcome to TraditionalistsWelcome to Traditionalists, a group aimed at giving the traditional art community their own unique voice by giving the traditionalists a place to gather, organize, and inform others with the help and guidance of the traditional Community Volunteer team. The idea behind this project was to open the channels of communication between the traditional community and the traditional CVs so that we can all work together and develop a main hub for all things traditional.  
Traditionalists was created in order to give the traditional community a broader audience and to help shine more light onto the joys of traditional art!  Following our guidelines set forth below, we will be submitting articles on a regular basis written by community members.  This is your chance, you have the floor!  Are you running a contest and would like to advertise it?  Did you find an amazing artist that you feel more members should see?  Do you have
Traditionalists 01Welcome to our first Traditionalists Article where we feature Traditional art news for the community by the community! These articles aim to promote, educate, and bring awareness to various events, projects and or deviants within the Traditional community.  Anyone is welcome to add to future articles, please visit our group for further details on how to get involved.
Gwendolyn12 Interviews pallanoph
So, why don’t you start this interview presenting yourself to our friends here and telling us a bit about you?
Hello fellow deviants! My name is April Schumacher, and I'm a traditional artist working as a freelance illustrator. Though I grew up in the state of Iowa, I moved to Minneapolis, Minnesota to attend the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) to major in illustration, and graduated in May of 2008. I'm still in Minneapolis, alive and kicking.
So, now let’s start the interview for go
Traditionalists 02Welcome to our Traditionalists Article where we feature Traditional art news for the community by the community! These articles aim to promote, educate, and bring awareness to various events, projects and or deviants within the Traditional community.  Anyone is welcome to add to future articles, please visit our group for further details on how to get involved.
Devynn Interviews AmandaDrage:
Bio: written by Devynn
Amanda Drage was born and lives in Northamptonshire, England. Amanda began her art career as an equine artist, drawing horses from a very young age. She has been on deviantART for eight years in which she rose to prominance among the equine art community, her attention for detail, varied mediums, and intimate style catching attention with every piece she posted. In recent years, she began to branch out from equine art, trying her hand at wildlife art, where she excelled. Today, she continues to balance w

A lovely art collection group for traditional artists!
Recent News: 


Snow pastels by Sarahharas07
Chameleon Watercolor by cachava
Hawaii - Green Mountains after the thunderstorm by AldemButcher
the setting sun by Xavria
Eyes in the Sky by AmBr0
Dandelions by SamanthaJordaan
Autumn Leaves by Midnight-Sun-Art
DEATH NOTE by serukian
Remember by serukian
Energizer Battery Still Life Drawing by Rollingboxes

Digital ARtistry

Digital Art News

Contest Winners!Thank You Everyone!
We wanted to thank everyone who particpated in this contest! We really appreciate it! We loved all the entries that we received and we are happy to announce the winners!
1st Place
12,000 :points:

2nd Place
12 month dA membership

3rd Place
3 month dA membership

By Authority of Princess Winona
The Council of  Royal Princesses does issue this urgent
To All citizen artisans and beloved dreamers of Foxwood –
A CONTEST is declared

Digital Groups

CV Run Digital Art HQ. 
Latest news can be found right above! :la:

A giant group for digital art! Active and well organized. 
Facebook + Twitterclick these sexy banners to be directed to our twitter and facebook pages!

Hi there guys The-Average-Alex here.
So i have noticed that almost no one here follows us on twitter!!!
Which isn't really surprising seeing as how we managed to lose the password maybe 3 months after we set it up.....
i swear we are organised!!!
I found the password and i have re-activated the twitter account!
we have have recently started working on ways that we can make Digital art club more interactive and ACTIVE in general.
We will be doing our best to make regular tweets featuring artists here on DA as well as finding awesome tutorials for you guys.
We will also be taking suggestions for contest ideas, features, feature themes and a whole bunch of other things! So make sure you follow digitalartclub on twitter so you can stay completely updated!!


Staregiggle by dully101

Din's fire by Know-Kname

Uncharted by Know-Kname

Kaliya Pixel Portrait -- PP Gift by mirz333

Kuroshitsuji: Undertaker by K-Koji

Childhood Friends by mirzjiles
Determination by The-Average-Alex
Alone by WolfRoad
Jonah by Unodu
Jack Frost . Edge of Submersion by phoenixleo
Night of the Raven by Erynn83
Wolf Pack by SheltieWolf
Psycho Morgana by Scotty7
blue oasis by RaveMoon
Thor by RaV89
Green Valley by Vassantha

Questions for the Reader 

  1. What is strength?
  2. What songs do you enjoy listening to? 
  3. How has art improved your life?
  4. Name some of your inspirations!
  5. What colors do you like? 
  6. Would you like me to cycle through different art categories, or just keep these three? (Like film + animation/ stock + resource / deviantART Related)? 
  7. Make up a fun theme. 

I hope you enjoyed this article! Astrikos 

Features | Interviews | Groups and more.
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    Also, as an answer to q6, i'd say to cycle through different art categories, but it's up to you :love:
Astrikos Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013   General Artist
Thank you! :love: that's what i was thinking.
lintu47 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Astrikos Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013   General Artist
:heart: :la:
Princess-CoCo-154 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
what a lovely feature

1- What is strength?
it's the ability of doing something you don't want to do, just my opinion :D

2-What songs do you enjoy listening to?
heart skip a beat by Olly murs
i knew you were trouble by Taylor swift
east Northumberland high by Miley Cyrus
Maureen by Fountain of Wayne
teenage dream by Katy perry
The one that got away by katy perry
and so much more XD

3- How has art improved your life?
art made me like myself a little bit more, like when i come from school after a bad day, no attention were giving from anyone and then i see all the lovely comment, it just make me feel loveable you know
4- Name some of your inspirations!
i mean i love doing fanarts, so all the TV shows i'm a fan of can give me inspiration :)
5-What colors do you like?
Yellow, Pink and Purple >_<
6- Would you like me to cycle through different art categories, or just keep these three? (Like film + animation/ stock + resource / deviantART Related)?
i think yes :heart:
7- Make up a fun theme.
lol xD got nothing
Astrikos Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013   General Artist
awesome answers.

That's an interesting take! :la:

Ooh! :la: Those are pretty fun songs!

dA is wonderful in the way you can make friends and such! :la:

Ooh, what are some of your favourite shows?
Those colors are really great!

Thank you for that insight. I think that's what I'll do.
Princess-CoCo-154 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
thank you

yeah dA is really one of my fav websites :la:

my favourite shows? hmmmm... they are really too many XD

no problem sweetie!^u^
Astrikos Featured By Owner Apr 16, 2013   General Artist
:heart: It's pretty awesome.
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For goodness sake, giveaways in the footer again :roll:
I hope your article can kick them out ;P
Astrikos Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013   General Artist
2 of them. Yuck. :lol:It got into the footer while I was sleeping :la: hope it stays there xD
miontre Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
So far you're still there. The giveaways are too, but your article is better so hopefully they'll GET OUT :lol:
My journals also usually get in the footer when I'm sleeping, always a pleasant morning surprise :la:
Astrikos Featured By Owner Apr 15, 2013   General Artist
:la:The giveaways are incredibly annoying. I hope they get some separate section or subcategory where you can browse but they won't clog the footer.
miontre Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
What an amazing article :love: It's really fantastic! I appreciate the effort you go through to put these together! :D
Thanks so much for including me Ali :tighthug:


Astrikos Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013   General Artist
:tighthug:Thank you! And you deserve it Amazir. You're so awesome!
Sarahharas07 Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Astrikos Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013   General Artist
PizzaPotatoNBacon Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Student General Artist
Really awesome feature~
I enjoyed it! :la:
And those answers... :giggle:

What is strength?
Strength is the quality/aspect of being capable of a skill/another quality. I'd say I have much strength when it comes to being a lazy bum :XD: It could also mean holding on or enduring a hardship. Strength comes in many forms, but to me, it's all about being capable to do something, and how long you can handle it.

What songs do you enjoy listening to?
All kinds! :dummy: I tend to imagine scenes when I listen to songs, especially those without lyrics!

How has art improved your life?
For starters, it has helped me become more occupied, especially since I deal with ADHD. I also taught me many things, like how there are no limits and that while daydreaming sucks when you're driving (no, not yet old enough to get a driver's license so thank goodness for that) it is a great tool for finding new ideas.

Name some of your inspirations!
Too much to add~ A certain series, franchise, song, movie, book... It could also be a person's acts, as well as funny situations and bits.

What colors do you like?
Green all the way! I do like yellow and violet too, but yeah, green all the way! :dummy:

Would you like me to cycle through different art categories, or just keep these three? (Like film + animation/ stock + resource / deviantART Related)?
Different art categories~ :giggle: One of my goals in life is to master or at least try many art forms, be it photography, stock, singing, composing, poetry... Everything! :dummy:

Make up a fun theme.
Is it a theme song? For who? You? Okay, I've got one! :la:

Infinite Heart~
Whose community spirit shows no bounds
Infinite Heart~
The biggest heart in town
Infinite Heart~
Her hubby is a blue blob
Infinite Heart~
The one we all know and love!

If you're talking about Feature Theme Ideas, a good theme would be "Technology" not necessarily Sci-Fi, but something like skins, scripts, pictures of robots... Basically anything powered by electricity~
Astrikos Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013   General Artist
Lovely and insightful answers! I'll give you a more detailed response soon xD
Sleyf Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Thank you so much for featuring :iconwritersink: its much appreciated!
Astrikos Featured By Owner Apr 14, 2013   General Artist
:love: my pleasure!
Fayerin Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
:clap: amazing i liked this article good job :tighthug:
Astrikos Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013   General Artist
Thank you so much! :huggle:
Fayerin Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
you are very welcome :aww: keep going :nod: :glomp:
Astrikos Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2013   General Artist
I shall :salute:
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