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Submitted on
September 6, 2012


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Ask me Things- More answers

Journal Entry: Thu Sep 6, 2012, 2:24 PM
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Skin by pjuk

:dalove: pjuk

I encourage you to ask questions. :meow:

What is this journal for?
Ask me anything and I shall update this. I will answer almost any question :la:

General Personal Questions

What is your favorite animal?

I like giraffes, zebras, and wolves. :lol: though I do like a lot of others.

How old are you?

My birthday is November 1st. So that  means I am one year old. Naw just kidding, XIV is my age in beautiful Roman numerals.

How long have you practiced your art?
 Since I can remember... It was always my thing. I get more and more into it as I grow older. And yes. c: I started getting better around 2-4 years, but i strive as much as I can.

What is your favorite and least favorite book and why?
I definitely love countless series... that's a very tough question... I like Hush Hush and it's sequels... this question is so hard. :faint: I'll add more as I think of some.

A classic question!

What are three things that you could not live without on a deserted island?

(Assuming that the problems of food, water, and shelter were already handled.)
Oh good! I have some stuff! :w00t:
I probably couldn't live without some kind of iPhone. I want to be able to listen to music. Probably don't have any signal. I hope my shelter has a outlet, with charger. With internet.... I can't live without humans. Can I bring humans?

I couldn't live without my pencils and art supplies. I could but... I'd go insane if I was on this island without anyone, or anything to do.

My dog, if it was fair to her. Maybe some humans, but my dog for sure. :meow:

How did you find dA?
My cousin showed me. :giggle: I joined on  a library computer three years ago. I have loved it ever since. :w00t: And yeah, I'm always on now.

What's your favourite emote? Plz accounts included
That's a tricky one.
Probably :la: but :dummy: and :giggle: are close close seconds.

If you see someone boinging (me boings), would you boing along?
to SongOfLives Probably not. :lol:

How do you feel being a oxymoron of a senior? ;P
It's pretty cool I suppose. I look great for my age and don't need my wrinkles removed yet. ;)

   Why is your icon a deer?
It's a caribou. :stare: BronzeHalo

   What would your ideal animal for a pet and why? :)
I love my dog, so she's ideal for me.
But a giraffe would be epic. I could ride on him/her and such!

  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Fans
  • Reading: Your comments
  • Watching: The screen
  • Eating: Nothing
  • Drinking: Moisture in the air. #lolwut
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PizzaPotatoNBacon Feb 11, 2013  Student General Artist
Do you use userscripts for dA?
Astrikos Feb 11, 2013   General Artist
Sometimes. :la:
Nameda Jan 30, 2013  Professional General Artist
what are your pet peeves?
what are your favourite movies?
do you like to read and if yes what are your favourite books
cality Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
Astrikos Jan 25, 2013   General Artist
:eyes: :la:
lintu47 Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I love this journal skin - can you link me to it?
Also check the last question, i think you forgot some code, it's an answer inside a question inside an answer :nuu:
Astrikos Jan 25, 2013   General Artist
[link] <there it is! :la:

Oh okays. I'll fix it when I get more questions. :giggle:
lintu47 Jan 25, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Ok, here's one: what animal would be the ideal pet for you and why? : )
Astrikos Jan 27, 2013   General Artist
I love my dog, so she's ideal for me.
But a giraffe would be epic. I could ride on him/her and such!
lintu47 Jan 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
I'd like to pet a cheetah's tail - that's on my bucketlist.
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