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Feature a Friend 1

Wed Aug 26, 2015, 7:37 PM by Astrikos:iconastrikos:
You all know how I love me some features! 

This one I couldn't have done without a little help from the community! In this thread, I asked you to feature a friend. Lots of people did, and that's amazing. Here's to you guys for your kindness and talent and awesomeness. :dalove:
Note: Featurers are featured at the end! Thank you guys!


6834 by pulbern  Roofed by pulbern  Low Tide by pulbern  24 by pulbern 

pulbern is amazing! His tremendous enthusiasm for the community shines through in the work he does in groups [I'm fortunate enough to be a co-general manager of one group with him], the artwork he uploads, and the intelligent, witty posts he makes in the forum. And he radiates a warmth that's not affected in any way: he's a gentle, easy-going guy. And I'm so honoured to count him as a friend. Heart </fangirling>

insert tab a into slot b by FAlLURE tybalt by FAlLURE  television headoxidised latticework slipstreamed by vice
formaldehyde formalities; remember, play nice
decomposed composure; feelings aren't toys
i'm programmed to rust with my own decoys
  suburbia and i can see Betelgeuse in the oil of your orbit 
Simon says to twist- contort; knots in throat 
i'd like to file a police report; don't hang up 
sneakers on the power lines
asphalt in your arteries
and i can see Polaris in the coil of your vertebrae  
like the weeds in concrete slabs 
curling guts in the hollows of ribs
 i'm hurling- you smell like sad things 
and your xerox copy fur looks so lovely 
in the suburban orange lamp light 
(i'd wear it if i could find the other pieces) 

I don't know how I ever enjoyed the forums before bumping into FAlLURE. His posts crack me up - he's devastatingly witty. And as for his writing, well! Noes! How a teenager can display such a precocious talent, I've no idea. But then, when I was a teenager, the poems I wrote were so bad, it's a miracle I wasn't prevented from submitting art. So I can hardly be expected to understand. But I do know that he's a joy to know, and every time I see a notification in my message centre from him - whether it be a deviation or a feedback message - I sigh with happiness a little.


Lake of Tuomio by Daghrgenzeen  From Tampere Sokos 4th Floor Cafe by Daghrgenzeen    60. ExhaustionSulje silmäsi, rakkaani, ja nuku:
ei se murheisiin auta, vaan voit hetkeksi unohtaa
sen kaiken mihin hukut.
Close your eyes, my beloved, and sleep:
it will not solve the worries, but for a moment you can forget
all that you are drowning into.
  83. Breakfast (NaPoWriMo2015)Darling, you'd always complain
Five a.m. and she sits by the table:
the sun's not yet up, the streets are dark,
everything's quiet and still
as she stares at a piece of paper.
there's nothing to eat before work.
Five-thirty she stands up,
takes out a plate, a glass and cutlery;
she places the paper on the plate
and the plate on the table,
by his favourite seat.
Here's something to digest before you go:
Five-thirty-one, she takes her bags
and is out the door.
She's not broken the night's fast yet,
she knew better than to try,
'cause of the message she left.
Darling, you'd always complain
there's nothing to eat before work.
Here's something to digest before you go:
this morning that's indeed true

Daghrgenzeen is the nicest person I've ever met on DeviantArt. Fact. Anyone would be excused for feeling more than a bit jealous reading Laura's beautiful poems, and drooling over the gorgeous photographs she takes of her lovely country, Finland. But then, how can you be jealous of someone who's so supportive of others? She's been involved with InternationalFAQ since the very beginning, providing Finnish-language translations of the faq to help her fellow Finns, who either might not speak English very well, or who simply prefer the ease and convenience of receiving help in their own language. If you don't know Laura, you should go say hi to her, and watch her. You'll miss out on her abundance of warmth and kindness and intelligence and humour and talent if you don't.


Untitledneedle by needle
cloud by cloud
going gold
summer pine
  Untitlednot Buddha today
the mosquito on my shirt
stays a mosquito
  Untitledtemple bell
we ring in the evening
playing strings
  Untitledpurple sky
lays on the channel
summer evening

If I said that Creighton is for my money the best writer on DeviantArt, and you said, 'You're really prepared to put up money for it?' I would reply: 'Hell yes!' Show me another writer who so beautifully captures the truth of the world around us, and I shall give you everything I possess. Take a look at the second haiku I selected:

not Buddha today
the mosquito on my shirt
stays a mosquito

When I read that, it took my breath away - not in a metaphorical sense, but in an actual sense. I don't think I breathed at all for several minutes as I absorbed the words, absorbed the image, absorbed the truth... I find myself doing that with every single thing Creighton writes, in fact, but the mosquito haiku is the most perfect thing I've ever read. Creighton - kindhearted and insanely talented Creighton - you're amazing. Stare Heart
Inspiration by DrawnByYou real men don't hunt , but care for what they love by DrawnByYou
Best friends by DrawnByYou Whale by DrawnByYou
Who does a lot of nature things and portraits along with doing both black and white and colour.

Poodle! by unicorn-chicken Spoopy Queen by unicorn-chicken Self Portrait by unicorn-chicken Epona by unicorn-chicken 
They do a lot of different medias for their artwork and definitely deserve more watchers then they currently have.
~ ccrazyisme


Kid's exercise game by Deskleaves  Pachnoda marginata phantasia by Deskleaves  YCH cherry blossoms: Esthrel by Deskleaves  Custom Puddlepony: Lionfish theme by Deskleaves 

Deskleaves is an artist who never ceased to inspire me. He draws a lot of different things, from made-up creatures to chibis to humans to amazing backgrounds. Deskleaves sure deserves a lot more attention here on DeviantArt <3 



A feature for the featurerers! :la:
Mega feature for Jim because he's so selfless and amazing. 
FlyI remember when
the universe came
to an end for you
after you ever
so gently touched down
on the sandwich plate.
I was so worried
about you spoiling
my beautiful lunch:
I, who with violent
palm upturned the plate,
sending sandwiches
spinning through the air —
and what will become
of me, I wonder?
  The Mountain Climber'It's so quiet at the top of the mountain that the snowflakes tinkle softly like little bells as they fall.'
Only one man has ever climbed the mountain. On descending, he made no statement, save for the above-quoted remark. He went home, got into bed, and died.
What had happened? He went mad, the locals said: he had seen or heard something divine ― or evil. The newspapers suggested altitude sickness: 'When you've lived among rice paddies your entire life, you'll be breathless if you stand on your tiptoes.'
I wonder whether he fell into a deep depression on hearing the purity of the snowflakes' music. Did it sadden him to think that no-one else would hear it?
The mountain isn't tall; but the locals are superstitious. When you're eighty-two years old, perhaps you're less afraid of the punishment of the gods.
  Ode on a Psychiatric WardI.
I'm five-six, and I've problem after problem —
Enough to fill someone who's twice my size:
The ward's too loud, the walls too white... but of them
The worst is probably the little flies
That found their way into my room this evening.
Oh, now I'm thinking all about them. Great!
I'll have to have a nurse increase my med-
Ication; that'll calm me down. ('Bing, bing!'
A doctor's pager sounds: he's working late.)
I'll turn the bathroom light on, then I'll go to bed.
But I can't sleep: the waterproof duvet
Is suffocating, yet I'm cold without it.
The night nurse has stains on her dress — coffee:
She's overworked, but, if I say, she'll doubt it.
She feels it's all par for the course for her:
Changing my heavy quilt for lighter sheets,
Then asking if there's 'owt else' she can do
Until the morning: when she takes great care
In noting down my all-important 'deets'
Like blood pressure (she knows the numbers; I've no clue).
Despite strategic placing on my to
Lily Padthe frog
on the lily pad
on the water
  deviantANXIETY, A Case Study, Part IIIYou've been here for so long that you're a veteran. You've acquired a set of impressive but questionable statistics, having burned through many an account, and repeatedly promising your exasperated watchers that each change of account was the last. If only the account name-change feature was available earlier, you could have saved your friends, and yourself, a lot of trouble. You've no idea where your original account is, or in which year you joined.
You're full of tales about such defining deviantART moments as the birth of Fella, the fall of jark, and +spyed spurning his $ in favour of +. You don't remember if you witnessed them or only read about them. Because your memory's hazy, you believe you're technically not
  UntitledIn the morning I
shall not look at you:
you will fade away
with the blackbird's song...
O tomorrow! Now
the moon is rising:
I cast my clothes and
conscience to the floor.
Laundrette by Farand Books by Farand Packed Up by Farand 

Shapner (OC) by ccrazyisme 
Wolf (Request) by ccrazyisme
Soft Kitty... by ccrazyisme My Dragon by ccrazyisme 

Webs by ccrazyisme  

 Ho-oh, number 250 by Vixenkiba Hoothoot, number 163 by Vixenkiba  
Luxio, number 404 by Vixenkiba   ~Thorin Chibi~ by Vixenkiba 

CSS by Astrikos

Daily Deviation Highlights

Sun Aug 23, 2015, 1:26 PM by Astrikos:iconastrikos:
Tagged by pulbern who was tagged by Farand who was tagged byRhynWilliams!
Join the dA love! :eager:

From Mrs-Durden:

"Welcome to a Community Volunteer project in which we will be highlighting our favourite Daily Deviations featured within the recent weeks! We would like to encourage the community to join in on this project by simply going through the Daily Deviations page and collecting some of their favourite pieces of art within a journal titled "My Daily Deviation Highlights"! We hope this project will help spread awareness and love for Daily Deviations and our fellow deviant artists!"

Skin by Astrikos


Paper, pens, and a lens.

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Praising Life ProjectWelcome to the Praising Life Project

It's really hard for anyone to stay positive all the time. I definitely agree with that.
However, when things go wrong, it's so easy to forget how much you've been blessed. It's amazing that we have the internet, people who care, and hope...
Although there is a lot of bad in this world, there is also beautiful joy and countless things to appreciate. :love:
And that makes me praise life.
The memories, the laughter, the joy, the hugs through hard times.
In this life, we only have one chance! I think one of our life purposes is to spread love throughout this world and leave it in better shape than before we were here. 

It would be much appreciated if you help spread the word! (:+fav: & Comment!) 
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Praising Life Project: Contributions 2 [Updates!]The original project journal has so many contributions it can no longer be updated! :la:
Thank you guys!

Intro information can be found here: 

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I am hoping to reach at least 300 inspiring messages from the community if I can. 
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Thank you so much for participating!
KaineKamui"I Will See:
The sun falls
Night it rises
But I will see sunlight again
The clouds darken
Rain begins to pour
But I wi

(1st Article is filled with so many contributions, it can't be updated anymore! Thank you so much everyone! )
This project is meant to inspire positivity throughout this community.
It would be much appreciated if you help spread the word! ( :+fav: + Comment and tell your friends! )

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As the goal has been reached, I will be soon creating a contest!

PLP: Prize List+ Request [Updated]Looking for prizes- possible ideas
Journal featuresArt prizes (sketches, small pieces, etc.)Llamas?CritiquesPoints
Current Prizes Available - what we have now
15,000 :points: worth of premium memberships, most likely going to be 3 month subs. So about 27ish winners there. 5 prizes of 100 points randomly given among the participants (meaning the winner of a PM could also win points).  Courtesy of Stygma Surprise donation from George-B-Art Journal Feaures by:Astrikos Sabbelbina lintu47 Felizias     Stygma George-B-ArtExquisite-ART-Museum one work done by all winners, 1st winner will be a featured artist for 1 week, poll [feature] with the Winners Journal,@ you? :eyes:
Art commissions by:WolvesHaveNightmares: A pixel artwork, and it can be anythi

Looking for prizes and feedback!

Art Trades- Anyone Interested? 

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