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We're a 1/3 way there! Praising Life Project 

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In this journal, we introduced our project for featuring your art with 0 constructive comments. Now that plenty of awesome pieces have been submitted, thank you, and it's time to showcase them! La la la la

0 Constructive Comment Submissions

Consider commenting on these deviations constructively. Give them some love!
Note 10 images will be featured bi-weekly in the order of their submission, starting from the oldest. 
    Butterfly garden by ayec sunny likes sunnyflowers by ayec Cornucopia of Fruit (cropped version) by JacksonChen

The Shell by JacksonChen  Farewell by VikingWidunder Eh Eh Eh Under my Umbre-Ella-Ella-Ella by sutoroberikurimu We are the Paradise-Dan! - Miyuki and Raiden by EdoNyan
Ouroboros snippybitIn the moment after being struck on the back of the head with a metal baseball bat and before the resulting explosion of colored sparks before his vision, Jackson knew he was going to have a bad day. He recalled later that his last words before losing consciousnesses were, "It's too early for this."
He heard gunshots, aware of his surroundings even though his body wouldn't allow him to move or see or do anything besides lay on the ground in what could have been mistaken for a drunken stupor. Reflex and determination and the innate ability to know that something important was happening were the only things keeping him from going under entirely. The magic steroids coursing through his bloodstream helped.
Of course, magic steroids wasn't the actual term for what it was that had kept him alive for this long. Demon blood and wishes and a thousand other things he didn't understand prevented him from dying of a concussion or internal hemorrhaging or having his ribs jabbing holes in his lungs.
If I were a Pencil       A pencil — the perfect writing and drawing tool
               Sharp, dull, long, short, thick, thin, wooden, mechanical
It comes with assistants and helpers
               Erasers, sharpeners, boxes of lead, pencil cases
       If I were a pencil, I would love it whenever my owner
               Picks me up and writes with me
Because I know my owner needs me
               To write and draw and spin and doodle
       I would love the way it feels when gripped in a hand
               Sweaty, dry, big, small, rough, smooth
And the way I brush against Paper
               White, yellow, lined, blank, new, old, thick, thin
       I would love it when I’m
Paper Doll 15: Aoki Lapis Hanbok by sutoroberikurimu Nordic Staaaar~ by sutoroberikurimu 

Mini Constructive Comment Contest (+ Winner feature!)

La la la la

Congratulations to


with these lovely comments:………

Super Breylon by AlexanderPaupoff 
SecretSanta for Cybermess10 by AlexanderPaupoff 
Commission AlexanderPaupoff CAEK 2 by happy-gurlCommission AlexanderPaupoff CAEK by happy-gurl Ocha by AlexanderPaupoff Piggy by AlexanderPaupoff 

These articles will be published on a now tri-weekly basis, and the winner of each mini contest will be awarded with a feature on the next article! 
  1. First, find a deviation above that's to your liking. Or you may find one from the folder!
  2. Comment as constructively as possible on the piece. We are looking for the most constructive, and will be judging on that! 
  3. Copy the comment link once you're done, and then link it via comments section under this article. To find the URL of your comment on a deviation (or anywhere), you submit the comment, right click the time stamp, and then select copy link address. 
Happy constructive commenting! 

Have a great week,

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Praising Life Project

Praising Life Project
Praising Life ProjectWelcome to the Praising Life Project

It's really hard for anyone to stay positive all the time. I definitely agree with that.
However, when things go wrong, it's so easy to forget how much you've been blessed. It's amazing that we have the internet, people who care, and hope...
Although there is a lot of bad in this world, there is also beautiful joy and countless things to appreciate. :love:
And that makes me praise life.
The memories, the laughter, the joy, the hugs through hard times.
In this life, we only have one chance! I think one of our life purposes is to spread love throughout this world and leave it in better shape than before we were here. 

It would be much appreciated if you help spread the word! (:+fav: & Comment!) 
<strong align="center">

Praising Life Project: Contributions 2The original project journal has so many contributions it can no longer be updated! :la:
Thank you guys!

Intro information can be found here: 

It would be much appreciated if you help spread the word! (+fav & Comment!) 
Contribute to the Project (Read On) or Donate

I am hoping to reach at least 300 inspiring messages from the community if I can. 
At the end of this year, 2014, 10 calenders and 16 three month PMs will be given away to randomly selected participants of the project!
The calenders to remind you of how special every day is, and PMs because sadly the notebooks are no longer available. 

(1st Article is filled with so many contributions, it can't be updated anymore! Thank you so much everyone! )
This project is meant to inspire positivity throughout this community.
It would be much appreciated if you help spread the word! ( :+fav: + Comment and tell your friends! )

:pointr: Click here to participate!
25% Complete by SimplySilent
38% Point Goal

12,24/ 30,060

At the end of this year, 2014, 10 calenders and 16 three month PMs will be given away to randomly selected participants of the project!

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